What does your company do?
NEM Asset is a financial institution that engages in provision of short to medium term finance to our teeming clients.  
Who is your target customer?
Our focus is majorly corporates, SMEs, Cooperative Societies, Unions, Confirmed Employees of Private Institutions, HNIs and Select individuals.
What are your products?
Our products includes but not limited to the following; Asset Finance (i.e. Finance Lease/Hire purchase), Project Finance, Trade Finance (i.e. LPO/Contract Finance), Consumer Loans, Short Term loans etc. We also do Fund Management for groups or Individuals who desire higher returns on their investments
What is the maximum amount and tenor you can give?
The amount depends on the clients’ capacities and cashflow, however we consider the CBN Prudential guidelines as per shareholders’ funds in granting our loans. We approve tenors of up to 36 months
What is your interest rate?
Our pricing is usually made up of fixed upfront fees and interest rate charged on per annum basis. The interesting thing is that the rates are negotiable and highly competitive 
How long does it take to process a loan in your company?
Our turnaround time from application to disbursement is usually between 24 – 72 hours once all the required documents have been submitted by the clients
For your lease finance, do you have registered vendors or do you accept invoice from any vendor?
We are flexible and accept invoices from any vendor provided such vendors have verifiable contact/business addresses and prices of their items match general market prices.
What are your requirements?
You can visit our website (i.e. www.nemasset.com) for the checklist of documents required for the loan/lease request. You can also download an application form or visit our office for these documents